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Philly's Top Influencers

Philly Youth features the excellence and positivity from youth ages 25 and under from Philadelphia and surrounding counties. We focus on sharing their stories to carry out our mission of decreasing negative stereotypes of Philadelphia Youth! Read all about our Top Influencers below and learn how you can become featured!

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Become Philly Youth 
Top Influencer

Are you 25 and younger and have a positive story to tell? Are you making a positive impact, overcame obstacles while starting a business, graduated college, or have a special and unique talent you want to share? Philly Youth focuses on decreasing the negative stereotypes of inner-city youth from Philadelphia so we want to share your story with our viewers to shed light on the greatness that is happening in our community! Don't be shy, the world needs more people like you! To sign up, please email us today!

“PHILLY YOUTH is doing an awesome job at showing the good side of Philadelphia. They provide me with hope and happiness.

- Tiffany; Age 16

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