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We're Here for You!

At Philly Youth, we support our community members in their endeavors, goals, and passions. Do you have a small business that you hope to grow? Are you an artist or musician seeking to build a following? We want to help raise awareness about your business, organization, or personal brand by featuring you on our mobile app and social media. 

Business Ad:

For $19.99 a month, we will advertise your business on the Philly Youth mobile app in the Philly Mall section. One push notification will be sent out a month where users will be able to inquire about your business and/or purchase items you might sell!


Are you a talented artist and would like more people to hear your music? Submit your music and we will advertise your music on the Philly Youth app for $19.99 a month. One push notification will be sent out a month. 

Youtube channel or podcast:

Do you have a youtube channel or podcast and would like more views or listeners. We will advertise your youtube channel or podcast on the Philly Youth app. One push notification will be sent out a month.

$5.00 fee for any additional push notifications that pertain to your brand. 

Fill out this form to get started: 

How it Works

Grow Your Business with Philly Youth!

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